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Witchcraft (also called witchery or spellcraft) is the use of magical faculties, most commonly for religious, divinatory or medicinal purposes.

The belief in and the practice of magic has been present since the earliest human cultures and continues to have an important religious and medicinal role in many cultures today.

"Magic is central not only in ‘primitive’ societies but in ‘high cultural’ societies as well…"  X

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by Jennifer MacNeill

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It looks weird in this picture but I dyed my hair emerald green and I’m obsessed with it. 😊


why, lord?

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literally the most important show you’ll ever watch

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"Do you hate people? I don’t hate them…I just feel better when they’re not around."

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“In a sense, his childhood no longer exists. Everything is now part of what he did as a man. Because of that, I can no longer distinguish the ordinary from the forbidding - trivial events from ones loaded with foreboding. When he was four and pointed to his belly button and asked what would happen if someone cut it out, was that… a sign of something morbid already growing in his mind? …When we went fishing and he seemed captivated by the gutted fish, staring intently at the brightly colored entrails, was that a child’s natural curiosity, or was it a harbinger of the horror that was later to be found at Apartment 213?”

-Lionel Dahmer, the Father of Jeffrey Dahmer.

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Tom Waits by Adrian Boot